Thursday, 19 April 2012

So this is my first ever post on my new sparkling blog adventure and I am so so excited to get it moving and on its way!! I thought the best thing for me to do would be to take this chance to introduce myself to all you beautiful people out there and hopefully once you know a bit about me you will want to hang around and read more! At this very early stage, I of course do not know what you would all like to know about me, so I will just tell you a few little things and then once my blog starts to blossom you will learn much more about moi :)
  • I am a self-confessed lover of all things girly. My brother even said I should start up a shop and call it 'Shiny Shiny Pretty Things', which I actually think is a brilliant idea - maybe one day hey!!
  • I am a 21 year old (almost) Psychology graduate - Yay
  • My motto in life is 'be positive and keep smiling', no-one likes a whinger now do they and life's too short to be miserable so just enjoy yourself!!
  • I LOVE beauty and fashion and furnishings and really as stated above - all things shiny and pretty! I'm hoping our shared love for such beautiful things is what brings you all here to my little blogging area!
I suppose this shall do for today, I don't want to bore you all on my first post (of hopefully many to come) by whittling on about rubbish because I am just too excited about finally getting around to do this ahhhh :D

Toodlepip my little cherubs!! xx

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  1. welcome to blogger, dear :)
    sounds like it'll be a great blog and the name for your shop is so cute :)